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2009 Coney Island Film Festival Line Up For Saturday Oct. 3rd

Saturday, October 3, 2009
1:00 pm

Flying Pumpkins, The Legend of Punkin Chunkin
Costa Mantis, Thousand Oaks Ca, USA. Documentary Feature, 88:00
Come along and have some fun with an unlikely assortment of men, women and children who share a common passion - making pumpkins fly! Did you know that the current world record for a flying pumpkin is 4,428.34 feet? Do you dare indulge yourself in pure, silly, unadulterated fun? These folks do - and you should see the fun they have doing it! 'Flying Pumpkins, The Legend of Punkin Chunkin' chronicles their shared passions and the fun they have making pumpkins fly.

Saturday, October 3, 2009
2:00 pm

Somewhere Between Here and There
Liss Platt, Hamilton, On, Canada. Experimental, 10:30 (pictured)

The Double
Joseph Christiana, Hopatcong NJ, USA, Narrative Short, 9:00

What Is She To You?
Alden Burgess, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrative Short, 11:09

I Don't Sleep I Dream
J.P. Chan, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrative Short, 16:23

Ramen Cromwell, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrative Short, 11:52

The Beneficiary
Theodore Melfi, Santa Monica, CA, USA. Narrative Short - 17:59

There's No Justice, It's Just Us
Glen Steinmacher, North Bergen, NJ, USA. Animation, 3:50

Saturday, October 3, 2009
3:00 pm

Brooklyn Force
Adam Bertocci, Bronxville NY, USA. Comedy Short, 12:53

Small Time
Jason Godbey, Brooklyn NY, USA. Comedy Short, 6:34

Silent Treatment
Jonathan Rothell, Shreveport LA , USA. Comedy Short, 6:30

Around the Block
Valerie Harrington, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrative Short, 23:30

The Vaudevillian
Bryan Nest, Orange, CA, USA. Narrative Short, 17:00 (pictured)

Ryan Pearce, Plainview NY, USA. Narrative Short, 23:20

Got A Mind
Jim Riffel, New York NY, USA.
Music Video, 3:48

Saturday, October 3, 2009
4:00 pm

Coney Island Films

Koolkidz Music Video: Positive
Jivana P. Condak, Brooklyn NY, USA. Music Video, 5:00

The Tin Soldier
Jennifer Suhr, New Yo
rk, NY, USA. Narrative Short, 5:00

Who Shot Coney Island?
Howie Alex , New York NY. Experimental, 5:30

I Had a Dream I Went to Coney Island
Sherwin Akbarzadeh , Australia. Experimental, 4:11

The Heart of Coney Isla
Melanie Schiele, Brooklyn NY, USA. Documentary Short, 7:00

Woman on a Train
Joel Fendelman, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrative Short, 9:20

The Mermaid Parade 2008

James Ford Nussbaum, Randolph, NJ, USA. Experimental, 6:00

Presque Isle
John D. Reilly, Erie, PA, US. Silent Film, 2:10

Jigsaw Soul - 'Cockroach Hotel'
Christopher Piazza, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Music Video. 3:55

It's All Here, It's All Real, It's All Alive!!!
Bianca Ahmadi & Kevin Chicas, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Experimental, 6:00

Frank Sidebottom Saves Coney Island
Brian Little, Chris Sievey, UK. Music Video, 2:16 (pictured)

Palmflower - Buried Under
Stacey Goldschmidt, Ray Borchers, Chicago, IL, USA. Music Vid
eo. 3:28

Coney Island 2057
Andrea Farkas, Janusz Swiatczak, Hempstead, NY USA. Experimental

Saturday, October 3, 2009
5:00 pm

Friends (with benefits)
Gorman Bechard, Hamden CT, Narrative Feature, 93 minutes

Friends (with benefits) is a feature-length romantic comedy for all those allergic to romance, and for all who have come of (sexual) age in this cynical time of hook-ups, break-ups, and serial amour.

FRIENDS (WITH BENEFITS) is a tale of sexual identity and true love; of controversy and relationships redefined; a thinking person’s romantic comedy (with belly-laughs).

Saturday, October 3, 2009
6:00 pm


Horn Dog
Bill Plympton , New York, NY. Animation, 4:30

Art Film
Amos Posner, New York NY, USA. Comedy Short, 3:30

Joe Zito, New York, NY. Comedy Short, 13:46

Lindsay Greer, Carbondale IL, USA. Experimental, 2:10

Attackazoids, Deploy!!
Brian Lonano, Staten Island NY, USA. Narrative Short, 4:16 (pictured)

Silent Film Star vs The Undead
Michael Pierce , Brooklyn NY, USA. Comedy Short, 10:40

Las Historias Mas Sexy Del Mundo! No.2 aka The Sexiest Stories on Earth!
Eric Cheevers, Washington ,DC, USA. Comedy Short, 14:30

Randy Scott Slavin, New York NY, USA. Music Video, 3:40

Rising Up: The Story of the Zombie Rights Movement
Laura Moss, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Comedy Short, Mockumentary, 27:45

Piece of Meat

Matt Conant, Norristown, PA, USA. Music Video. 4:00

Saturday, October 3, 2009
7:00 pm

The Release of Jan
Jordan Roettele, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrat
ive Short, 14:00

Sea Legs
Craig Butta, Brooklyn NY, USA. Feature, 75:00 (pictured)

Saturday, October 3, 2009
8:00 pm
Horror Films

X-Mess Detritus

Voltaire, New York, NY, USA. Animation, 1:30

The Institute of Seance
Kevin Corcoran, Media PA, USA. Silent, Horror, 9:10

The Babysitter
Kristen Gray, Astoria, NY. Narrative Short, Horror, 5:06

Rafael De Leon Jr., Bronx NY, USA. Narrative Short, Horror, 5:25

The Fairy Princess
Stephen Lyman, New York NY, USA. Narrative Short, Horror, 14:35

Dead Sucks
Elias, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrative Short, Horror, 8:50

Death In Charge

Devi Snively, Mishawaka, IN, USA. Narrative Short, Horror. 14:53

Mike Madigan, Troy MI, USA. Comedy Short, Horror. 10:00

Soham Mehta, Austin TX, USA. Narrative Short, Horr
or. 12:55

Davey Sherwinter, New York NY, USA. Narrative Short, Horror. 8:08

Paper Dolls Live in Glass Houses
Jonny Von Golden, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrative Short, Horror. 12:39

Ice Cream Sunday
Victor Bonacore, Montclair, NJ, USA. Narrative Short, Horror. 17

Saturday, October 3, 2009
9:00 pm

Day at Red Hook
Greg Kotis, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrative Short, 5:16 (pictured)

Red Hook
Elizabeth Lucas, Brooklyn NY, USA. Feature, 85:00

Saturday, October 3, 2009
10:30 pm
Special Screening: "The Warriors"

The Warriors
A Coney Island cult classic. Every year we pack the house and wouldn't you know it, it becomes an interactive film going experience! People reciting lines, loud applause, clanging beer bottles. CAN YOU DIG IT?? Advance ticket purchase strongly suggested to avoid sell out. We are the only venue in the Coney Island Amusement zone to screen this Coney Island Classic. See it in the actual neighborhood it was shot in!

For full ticketing, scheduling, and film entry descriptions visit the Coney Island Film Festival website.

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