Saturday, October 03, 2009

2009 Coney Island Film Festival Line Up For Sunday Oct. 4th

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fight Day
Chris Cassidy, Brooklyn NY, USA. Documentary Short, 6:30

Are You Happy?
Jonathan Berman, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Documentary Short, 6:15

Finding Meeky: A Fragmentary History
Roy Kohn, Toronto ON, Canada. Documentary Short, 13:47

Bay Rizz "Rescue"
Mike Rizzo , Brooklyn NY, USA. Documentary Short, Mockumentary, 4:53

Outside the Last Game at Yankee Stadium
Chris DePierro, West New York NJ, USA. Documentary Short, 22:00

The Retired Chef
David Elinson, Brooklyn NY, USA. Documentary Short, 4:00

No Strings Attached
Lisa Whitmer, San Francisco, CA, USA. Documentary Short, 37:00

Sunday, October 4, 2009
Coney Island Films

'Blue Sky' Kaiser
Cartel Grizlet, Brooklyn NY, USA. Music Video, 3:41

End of the Line
Melody Idakaar, Landing, NJ, USA. Documentary Short, 6:21

Against The Tide
Doug Durant , West Babylon, NY, USA. Documentary Short, 8:00

Young At Heart
Brian Paccione, Poughkeepsie NY, USA. Documentary Short, 12:29 (Pictured)

The Poor Man's Follies
micropunta, Milano, Italy. Documentary Feature, 60:00

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here's Herbie
Mary Wickliffe, Los Angeles CA, USA. Narrative Short, 11:07

8 Days Later
Jun Naito, Brooklyn NY, USA. Comedy Short, 10:55

Real Gone
Johnny Von Golden, Brooklyn NY, USA. Experimental, 5:36

Far From Home
Christian Amundson, Brooklyn NY, USA. Silent Film, 7:00

Mermaids of New York: Bambi the Mermaid
Ilise S. Carter, Mica Scalin, New York NY, USA. Documentary Short, 10:00

The Dishwashers "Sweetcheeks"
Simona Prives, Brooklyn, NY, USA, Music Video, 1:34

Ed Hamell Rant & Roll
Kate Valentine, Brooklyn NY, USA. Documentary Feature

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9!
Jake Armstrong, Brooklyn NY, USA. Animation, 5:45

Slim and Lena
Mollye Asher, New York NY, USA. Narrative Short, 11:46

True Beauty This Night
Peter Besson, Sherman Oaks CA, USA. Comedy Short, 10:00

Shoebox Redhead
Matthew Lawrence, Toms River NJ, USA. Comedy Short, 15:00

Pirates of the Broadway: Part Deux
Laura Newman, Brooklyn NY, USA. Comedy Short, 7:30

Good Old Days
Seamus McNally, New York NY, USA. Narrative Short, 12:22

Cesar Salad
L. Gabrielle Penabaz, New York NY, USA. Narrative Short, 12:40

Daniel Segal, Santiago Chile, Comedy Short, 12:13

Test Music Video
Robert Powers, Woodside NY, USA. Animation, 4:23

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Zachary Levy, New York, NY, Documentary Feature, 113 minutes

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kimberly Scott, Reel Works Teen Filmmaking, Brooklyn NY, USA. Documentary Short, 4:48

Medicine Man
Himkar Tak, New York NY. Narrative Short, 19:57

Basket Bronx
Martin Rosete, Madrid, Spain, Narrative Short, 14:00

Clark Johnson, Scenarios USA, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrative Short, 16:58

Father's Day
Brian Rolling, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrative Short, 21:02

Mark Lediard, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Narrative Short, 9:30

Ronnie Cramer, Denver Co, USA. Experimental, 4:24

F... That
Oliver Conrad, St. Moritz, Switzerland. Music Video. 3:30

Sensations of the Season
Jan Stephens, Portsmouth Hampshire, UK. Animation 5:08 (pictured)

For full ticketing, scheduling, and film entry descriptions visit the Coney Island Film Festival website.

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