Saturday, October 17, 2009

Flickr Convoy: Cool Slumming On The Boardwalk

Image courtesy of Freaklance / KC Flickr Group

As the Coney fall and winter starts to roll by, pro-year-round activists will reconfirm their desires while slumming through their dismal Coney winter's non-season - yearning for bowling alleys and indoor water parks, north-Brooklyn photographers will arrive in the droves to record what always seems to be the last year for Coney 'as we know it', greedy land speculators will generate new ideas to take over what seemed to be a piece of cake to cash in on, city officials will continue to stand defiant utilizing underdeveloped parcels of the city as token pieces to push through their agendas, and genuine Coney lovers will unravel the mess of Coney's saga and restrategize their next move to save a place they have no power over and which they can only dream of while sitting tired on a boardwalk bench looking helpless out onto the ocean.

Hopefully new light will shed on Coney in the coming months that will brighten its future and the people who stand by its soul and integrity.

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Anonymous said...

Here's the "bottom line". Coney Island WAS the beach. Coney WAS Nathan's. Coney Island WAS the rides, the games, the music. We need Coney Island OPEN and ACTIVE again. Let's set aside our personal
"wants and needs", and instead, work together to see a new, modern, "world famous" "wonder of wonders" Coney Island, come to life again!