Monday, March 15, 2010

Freak Storm Wreaks Havoc In Coney Island

Image courtesy of Capt Nemo

This past Friday, an unexpected freak force tumbled through most of the borough and other parts of New York City causing havoc, uprooting trees, ripping off parts of buildings, causing squashed cars and frightened people.  Coney Island was not spared.
Image courtesy of Capt Nemo

As Coney’s roving eye, Captain Nemo captures, a tree kills a car not far across from Lincoln High School on Ocean Parkway, as well the front awning of the Coney Island USA Museum entrance.
Sideshow and Burlesque Impresario and Extraordinaire, Fred Kahl posted images on his Facebook, of the destruction caused by Coney’s freak storm via his mobile phone.
Images courtesy of Fred Kahl

Rob Leddy, also posted on the CIUSA board a link to photos of Coney Island Ink's Facebook of their establishment destroyed by the storm.

Unfortunately, the only thing looking like it took a pounding but really didn’t were the Thor Equities fences that were supposed to be removed early this Month.  They stood up to the winds due to their vast pockets of ripped out holes that have been rotting there since last season’s Sumer of Hope 2.0, Thor Equities’ style.

Image courtesy of Capt Nemo

The good fortune is that Coney Island wasn't destroyed by the freak strom as it has been by the one company that partially destroyed it though at the same time did help put Coney back on the back as an important place in the borough to be taken seriously which lead to it's coming rennaisance.  And as we feature on this blog every year here is a look at a dramatised destruction of Coney.  Well, not so dramatised....Welcome to Thorasick Park!
The Destruction Of Coney Island "Thorasick Park"

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