Friday, March 19, 2010

Public Hearing For Two Key Coney Island Structures To Be Landmarked

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This March 23rd, a public hearing by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission for the consideration of two structures in Coney Island to be designated as landmark status.  The two key buildings are the Shore Theater and the other Childs Building that is now the home of the cultural arts organization, Coney Island USA.  The public and all Coney Island supporters are urged to present themeselves for support and to make your testimonies heard.  Both these structures are an integral part and vital in the redevelopment of Coney Island to link the area's rich history among the coming renaissance.

More information about these two buildings can be found at the 'Save Coney Island' website.  Details on the hearings are also found on the SCI site which indicates the following:

Landmarks Preservation Commission
Municipal Building
1 Centre Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10007  

You will need to show an ID and got through a metal detector.  If you are testifying, you need to fill out a form once you get to the hearing room.  There is not time limit for your testimony.  But you should keep it brief and to the point.  You can find more information about the buildings here.

March 23rd, 2010
The Child's/Coney Island USA building is scheduled for 11:55 am - 12:15 pm
The Shore Theater is scheduled for 12:15 - 12:35 pm.
They recommend that you arrive about a half-hour early.

Remember, these are two very important and limited pieces that link to Coney's magical past.  Please, show your support and make your voices heard.

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