Monday, April 19, 2010

Closer Glimpse Of Coney's New Amusement Park Shows An Astroland 2.0

This is the recent poster for the new amusement park coming to Coney Island; Luna Park.  Though, last year Thor Equities brought us a make-shift park with old generic carnival rides for his 'Dreamland', this year, Italian amusement ride builder and operator will bring in a better looking, newer, more high-tech amusement park with rides they have placed all over the country for their take on the old Astroland lot.  For a start this is great, though it really is just a new version of Astroland.  The fun will surely be back in Coney this year, but we hope in the coming years something more unique will rise in here.

Naturally, there has to be more to accomodate the city's plans for hotels, retail, and indoor space.  Coney needs something more unique.  Something extra.  And if Luna Park is a temporary park, let's hope the next main attraction will have a fresh name to come with it.

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