Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Coney Island Gem Is In Danger Of Being Lost Forever

All images courtesy of Scouting New York
(the bank building of Coney Island)

With the zoning changes that took place for various parcels in Coney Island, a few of the remaining old structures immediately became endangered.  But the old remaining structures that sit on the land owned by Thor Equities are most in danger.  Because, as the new zoning allows for high rises, any land owner with no respect for the integrity of preserving the historic parts of Coney Island, will find these old structures a thorn in the way of bigger profits.  The Henderson and the Grashorn buildings are already targeted for demise, according the release of yesterday's conceptual rendering by Thor Equities.  These buildings may not be as attractive in their current state, and perhaps they may or may not be as structurely sound, but they are among the very few buildings in Coney Island that connect it to its past.  And they are vital to any historic areas Coney's future will contain.

(interior of the bank building)

The interior to both these buildings are a mystery to today's public and perhaps they don't hold such beauty as one other endangered building in Coney Island does.  A truly magnificent interior that, if refurbished could truly be the gem of Coney Island.  This is the old bank building which sits directly across the Child's building of Coney Island USA.  (This Child's building has already been considered for land-marking along with the Shore Theater on Surf Avenue).  It's exterior is simple and insignificant but its interior is intricately beautiful.  Aside from the Shore Theater it is probably the most beautiful interior of any building in the area and it is probably going to be destroyed. 
(The mezzanine of the bank building)

This building should be saved and preserved to be part of the historic areas within the future of Coney Island.  It sits in harmony perfectly across the CIUSA Child's building, which has been refurbished to its original structure.  They could compliment each other if saved and reworked.

We urge you to please help save the bank building of Coney Island from facing an unfortunate demise in the hands of greed.

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Anonymous said...

Love this photo of the bank , I have been in Coney Island since 1971 , I always wondered what the inside looked like. Is there any way I could do a photo shoot in the bank? I am a photographer.
Thank you