Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer Of Zamperla: The Good, The Bad, And The Thor-Like

The Coney Island rumor mill was buzzing yesterday, and buzzed this way about Zamperla and some latest news from an undisclosed source.  

The Good:
Zamperla has more concrete plans for a new big roller coaster placed right off the boardwalk.  Also, the boardwalk, from Brighton to the Aquarium will go all concrete?  Don't know if this is actually good or not-so-good.

The Bad:
The roller coaster will come with a few hard sacrifices in which places like Ruby's Bar & Grill and Lola Star Boutique will be wiped off the map for it.  Even if they are promised a place in the new footing structure they will have to go away while construction is taking place.  Steve's Grill has already been given the boot for next year.   Paul's Daughter has also been given told to go.  And representatives of Ruby's have been rumored to be unhappy from what they've been told by Zamperla.  "They didn't like it at all", quote.

The Thor-like:
Already, Zamperla is saying they are coming in late with their season opening. They're still working on electric, sewage, and water pipes.  We're looking at a possible end of June or July 4th opening.

Zamperla is still the good guys, we hope it remains that way!

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