Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beyond Coney: Video Compilation Of Superstorm Sandy

New York is only beginning to assess the damage, the clean up, and all the repair work ahead. This was one of the worst storms in our recent history.  Here is a compilation of videos that were posted on YouTube in the last couple of days titled or tagged with Sandy hurricane and storm.  Granted, some posters uploaded videos that may not actually be from Sandy but some were hard to tell for sure. It seems like palm trees are in the background in one clip, but we took the liberty to let one pass for creative expression.  All YouTube posters have been credited at the end of video.

Hurricane Sandy - the superstorm!  A YouTube Compilation

Description: October 28 -30, 2012, the North Eastern United States experienced one of the worst storms in history.  This is a compilation of YouTube videos about the storm that wreaked havoc on the north eastern United States.

Posted by: Omar Robau [YouTube]
A KinetOscope presentation

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