Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coney Island's Sandy Aftermath Photos

Photo by Jim McDonnell - The Shore Theater
In the aftermath of monster storm Hurricane Sandy, some brave individuals headed out to help and observe the destruction.  Coney Island photographer, Jim McDonnell, took these devastating images (facebook) of the destruction left by this Frankenstorm.  Jim McDonnell's photos of the Sandy aftermath can be seen on his facebook photo album entitled The Morning after Sandy in Coney Island.

The Shore Theater signage (above) is destroyed and most likely never to be replaced since the future of the theater is still unsure. And like the image in the "Planet of the Apes" of the Statue of Liberty's head broken off and stranded far from its perch, this giant hamburger (below) will spark the same feeling to anyone who knows Coney Island well.

Photo by Jim McDonnell - burger boy's burger

And the new Grimaldi's pizza restaurant (below) is in shambles.  It was bashed in by Hurricane Sandy pulling down the massive spider webs that were intricately placed to decorate the restaruant for Halloween.

Photo by Jim McDonnell - Grimaldi's Pizza

And in one image (below) what is seen in other photos, seems to the mark where the water rose up to.

Photo by Jim McDonnell - Coney Island mural

All photos courtesy of Jim McDonnell. See all his photos on his facebook here.

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