Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coney Events: A Political Wax Work

Poster by Jason Lonon
Is it Halloween already, because there is a creep in the air.  Is that patriotism I smell or are they rubbing wax on this election because one candidate has the look of latex while the other is doing a good impersonation of a Disney animatronic president.  Yet, I feel the ghosts of dead presidents are awakening only to wreak havoc on the holiday before the election – or perhaps the election itselfWhich brings me to what I’m really referring to.  Presidential hopeful or not, a demented tour of the old Presidential Wax Works could prove quite rewarding or simply quite creepy.  Don’t take it from me, take it from the work's 70’s old night watchman.  But be warned: Please leave your sanity at the door.

The last leg of Dirty Works At The Wax Works starts tomorrow, Wednesday, 24th 2012!

Photos by Laure Leber
As the Coney Island USA’s Creepshow at the Freakshow puts it:
DIRTY WORK AT THE WAX WORKS is a demented story told by the 1970's Night Watchman of Coney Island's infamous Presidential Wax Works. If you take his after hours, crackpipe smoking, hallucinated tour though the Hall of Presidents, don't be too shocked or offended, if you hear excessive swearing and encounter excessive graphic violence including:  

A Shooting Gallery Re-Enactment of the Kennedy assassination.

Zombies eating Richard Nixon's brain and a Funeral interrupted by a Booger hanging off of George Washington's nose.

DIRTY WORK AT THE WAX WORKS is October's perfect mash-up of Halloween Horror & Horrifying Presidents!

Vote for our Creepiest Carny Ever!
Or Vote for our League of Zombie Fighting Creepshow Commanders in Chief!
Vote for the Worst Presidents and Best Halloween Ever!

Come see what the
New York Press called "not only the best and wildest haunted house in town, but the smartest as well."

Dates and Times: Show starts on the hour. Click date, to buy tickets in advance. All tickets are $10 in
advance or at the door. Advance purchase recommended.

Wednesday, October 24,
6pm - Midnight (last ticket sold at 11pm)
Thursday, October 25,
6pm - Midnight (last ticket sold at 11pm)
Friday, October 26,
6pm - Midnight (last ticket sold at 11pm)
Saturday, October 27,
6pm - Midnight (last ticket sold at 11pm)
Sunday, October 28,
6pm - Midnight (last ticket sold at 11pm)
Monday, October 29,
6pm - Midnight (last ticket sold at 11pm)
Tuesday, October 30,
6pm - Midnight (last ticket sold at 11pm)
Wednesday, October 31,
Halloween!, 6pm - Midnight (last ticket sold at 11pm)

Under 16 must be accompanied by parent. No one under 10 will be admitted!

Click here for the 2012 Press Release.

See a Fox News NY piece, of the 2008 version of this script, by clicking here.

Creepshow At The Freakshow!

Dirty Work At The Wax Works

October 24-31, All Tickets $10 In Advance Or At The Door
Coney Island USA
1208 Surf Ave.

Sideshows By The Seashore  (between Stillwell Ave. and West 12th Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11224
Phone: 718-372-5159
By Subway - D, N, F, Q to Stillwell Ave. - Coney Island

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