Thursday, April 19, 2007

Coney '07 Events: 1st Annual Congress Of Curious Peoples: Coleman, Kaufman, and Talent Scouts!

As the 1st 1ST ANNUAL CONGRESS OF CURIOUS PEOPLES chugs along. This Thursday and Friday promises to be jam packed with adventure and amazement.

From the CIUSA website:

, the world's strangest artist, will not be blowing himself up. And opening for Joe Coleman is ROGER KAUFMAN reveals a 90% tattooed body missing fingers and toes. IMAGINE a man who is removing all his tattoos... by amputation! HEAR such a man describe the descent into the world of complete helplessness and wanabe-ism. WHAT are the possibilities of an extreme amputee? Geek Love is not just a work of fiction...

Thursday, April 19th
Only At Sideshows by the Seashore Theater
W. 12th St. and Surf Ave. Coney Island
8:00 PM
General Admission $10

Sideshow performers in general are invited to showcase their best strange and unusual material (excluding any stunt that draws blood!). A talent scout from Ripley's Believe It Or Not will attend to seek talent for Ripley publications.

IN ADDITION, performers may attempt to set or break a world record - live on our stage! Record Holders Republic will be on hand to judge all talent! Please Note: YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT with Dr.Adamovich of RecordHolders Republic ( — unregistered persons may be denied permission to make their attempt. For a WORLD RECORD include the following: name of proposed record and whether it is an attempt to SET or to BREAK a record. If held by someone — who, where referenced and what the current record is. Not all submissions may be of interest to RHR and we will tell you so before coming. Final decision on world record status may require review by a panel of RHR adjudicators with only a tentative decisionoffered on April 20th.

The first ever "INI SHOW" in which a host of variety artistes whose stage names end in "ini" will perform - ALL IN THE SAME SHOW!!! Headlining the event is the world champion (and a world record holding) knife thrower, The Great Throwdini. He will astound you with performances by The Great Fredini (sword swallower), The Great Cindini (World's Preeminent Female Escapologist), Dirty Martini (award-winning burlesque star), and Shakesherheini (International Belly Dancing Sensation). The show will be co-hosted by world champion and world record holding trick roper and bull whip artist Chris McDaniel and Fran Capo, the world's fastest talking female. Opening the show will be stand-up comedian Matt Francis. He's a little wild, a little crazy, you're gonna love him!

Friday, April 20th
Only At Sideshows by the Seashore Theater
W. 12th St. and Surf Ave. Coney Island
8:00 PM
General Admission $15

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