Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thor Sets Up Shop In Coney

After clearing up some of the land along Stillwell Ave, off the boardwalk, Thor Equities set up a project office on their property. A trailer field-office is cloaked with the 'Future Of Coney Island' banner design from the splash page of their website.

Just last week they finished fencing off the area they, for the most part, demolished and cleared up, with plain unpainted wooden planks. Far from what they said ThinkWell will design for them and be built after this 2007 season ends. One indication, so far, that this may be true is that the building permits (to allow the fences) posted, indicate an expiration date of September 9th of this year. Hopefully, to put up those ThinkWell creations. And not just a regular building code procedure. If the aesthetic fences do come true, at least it will be the closest thing to year-round by Thor with something to hopefully 'marvel' at during the winter season.

Regardless, most Coney goers this season will be asking lots of questions when they walk through the 'construction site' of Stillwell Avenue and feeling that the 'future of Coney' is in the works. Whether that sounds positive to some and not to others, it raises a relative point: what ain't good for the goose many still be good for the gander.

Thor Hires Entertainment Design Firm

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