Thursday, April 19, 2007

KinetOscope Video: "Welcome To Thorasick Park"

Here is a little fun with some demolition footage caught while passing by the bulldozing of the now Thor owned property that previously housed the Go-Kartz and Batting Cages. The attacking bulldozer has a rather striking resemblance to creatures that probably roamed these parts a long long time ago - even way before the first Coney amusement or 'Conye' rabbit ever existed.

[cue suspense music]
Imagine, one day, the world of Coney Island destroyed by demolition, leaving in its wake a ruined oasis for years to come. If that day comes you'll know you have arrived...."Welcome To Thorasick Park"

Running length: 08:31
Note: YouTube's upload requirements limit the quality of the original video.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Talk about a NY minute... this deal wasnt finalized until a month ago. The vultures wasted no time in getting in there and destroying the place.

Thank you for documenting this sad, sad day.