Thursday, July 19, 2007

Website Dedicated To Dark Rides Creates New Destination: Astroland's Dante's Inferno

Bill Luca and George LaCross, creators of Laff In The Dark, a website dedicated to all those spooky dark rides and funhouses of amusements parks across the world does a great job creating a new entry with information on the Dante's Inferno ride located in Coney Island's Astroland.

Laff In The Dark says:
Here at Laff in the Dark, we've not only documented many rides, builders and artist from the past and present, we've also guided a huge number of our visitors to rides that exist today, thereby helping the ensure that those rides continue to operate and stay healthy and scary!
Dante's Inferno was placed in Astroland in 1971 by importer Morgan "Mickey" Hughes. The ride is named after the epic poem "Dante's Alighieri's". The rides scenes were created by animated display artisan Lou Nasti.

You can follow the discussion at the
CIUSA board where poster Hipster_Head writes:

I would love to see someone with money to lease one of those useless furniture stores north of Surf Ave and create a new dark ride like Dante's Inferno. It doesn't have to be high tech but something very creative to get people to want to ride it. Something new without having to cost millions of dollars. Something made partly of volunteer labor and contributions. Anything! And since it's outside of Astroland they could keep it open during the winter. It will make a statement and underline the fact that Coney is about amusements.


Jeremiah Moss said...

ah, this is my kinda blog, thanks

Anonymous said...

Thor better not touch Dante's or else!! Rye Playland might lose it's two dark rides so that's 3 that could leave NY, four if the Ghost Hole is kicked out by Thor. I wonder what kind of future the Spook-A-Rama has? Deno's claims that they're staying for years despite what Thor's doing next door. If you want to check out another Dante's, go to Morey's Pier in Wildwood, NJ. It has all-new stunts inside and new artwork on the front. They're trying to save the former Hunt's Pier's Golden Nugget Mine dark ride/coaster which was built in 1960 and closed Sept. 1998 and was closed 1995, 1992 too.