Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Astroland Rides Come Off The Market...For Now!

According to a article, Carol Albert, owner and operator of Astroland has pulled about 20 rides off the market. Recently Domenic Recchia had worked out a plan with Thor Equities to have Astroland stay in operation for one more season. But Albert later said that Thor has not communicated with them about any such plans. reports:

Carol Hill Albert, whose family has operated Astroland since her late father-in-law, Dewey Albert, opened the park in 1962, said she still hopes to find a way to keep Astroland alive at some nearby location.

"I have been optimistic before, and things have not worked out,'' Albert said. "I guess I would say I'm an optimistic person.''

After listing 21 of Astroland's rides for sale earlier this year for about $2.4 million, she asked the dealer to pull all but the Top Spin 2.

"The seller has decided that they can't sell at this time because everything is too up in the air,'' said Tammy Nazarete, office manager at Somerville, New Jersey-based Rides-4-U Inc.

Sitt's proposed development isn't a done deal.

There must be some sort of talks not yet in the open between Thor and Albert. Yet this is no cause for celebration for those who want Astroland to stay for good, since this could simply be for an extention of just another season in '08.

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