Monday, August 06, 2007

Coney Circus Attendance Lower Than Had Hoped

The Cole Brothers Circus has brought down their tent and moved on and out of Coney Island. Not since 1938 has the Cole Bros. Circus performed here. But this past week the attendance at the circus didn’t turn out as hoped. The day performances seemed to have drawn a nice crowd but the evening performances were pretty much of low attendance. A few of the main factors that contributed to the very small evening crowds were most likely the parking problems in Coney Island as well as the negative reputation Coney has for its night hours in regards to families.

In a discussion with Kinetic Carnival, the amiable Chuck Werner, Senior Marketing Director for the Cole Bros. Circus, felt that most folks wouldn’t want to be out with their children too late on the streets of Coney. He also felt that the terrible parking problem in Coney attributed to the lower-than-expected attendance in general. Parking lot owners were charging high prices.

Chuck Werner also mentioned that Thor Equities was interested in having the Cole Bros. Circus back in Coney Island as soon as this coming October. But Mr. Werner said that is not yet definite as their scheduled shows may or may not allow the appropriate time for an encore presentation here in Coney Island this year.

However, if they will be expected to return, you'll read about it here.

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