Monday, August 13, 2007

Inflatable Movie Madness Screens At Coney

Thor's Free Monday Movie Madness screens the 1980's "Goonies" on an inflatable screen which many times swayed and tilted in the breeze. Even though the weather was perfect for sitting outdoors, the night's screening drew only a small crowd - perhaps due to the screening choice. A larger crowd may be expected for the "Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire" showing next Monday.

Projection screen nearly collapses in light breeze.

The remaining Monday screenings are:
8/20 "Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire"
8/27 "E.T."
9/3 "Dreamgirls"

9/10 "Jaws"

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Unknown said...

I forget... did they even consider showing "The Warriors"? That would've been cool...