Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Blog On The Cyclones: The Tornadic Activity

The Brooklyn Cyclones juggling unicycling peanut vendor Kyle Petersen started a blog this past June called Tornadic Activity: A Cyclones Blog, which covers the Mets farm team minor league Brooklyn Cyclones with information and data on the team as well as videos of the Cyclones and his self proclaimed burgeoning juggling career.

In his blog you can find this nice video, below, on a busy Brooklyn Cyclones opening day and the people who work there. An also take a look at some of his juggling at the games in the second video.

You can watch them here, but it's probably better to click over to his Tornadic Activity Cyclone's blog and view them there.

Kyle's jugging videos can be found on his YouTube page: Eljuglar31

Brooklyn Cyclones Opening Day Experience

Clownin' around at Coney!

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