Monday, February 02, 2009

Final Destruction Of Astroland: Demolition Code 1X31

Images courtesy of Capt_Nemo (Coney Island USA board)

As the Capt_Nemo points on the Coney Island USA message board, various remaining structures on the former Astroland lot are marked with what he says are code markings for demolition. That is: 1X31

Since Astroland operators have now officially vacated the premises, it looks like this demolition job is one for Joe Still and Thor Equities. We would expect, as soon as possible, for Thor Equities to leash out their destructive dinosaurs on a rampage through their new dead lot for more of their good 'ole Coney Island destruction.

With that thought it would be fitting to take another look at the destruction done by those THORasick Park dinosaurs back in 2007 with the lot on the former Go-Kartz and batting-cages site Stillwell Avenue.

So, for those who haven't see it......Welcome to Thorasick Park!

The Destruction Of Coney Island "Thorasick Park" (2007)

Imagine the world of Coney Island destroyed by demolition,leaving it a ruined oasis for years to come. That world may just be what you'd see when you arrive...."Welcome To Thorasick Park"

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