Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jerrold Nadler Grab For Funds Falls Short Of Markowitz's Intent

( Center boardwalk image courtesy of Joyce for News)

Though protecting New York's southern sea line is hugely important, any request for funds should include protecting the beach's vital component: the boardwalk.

Yesterday, Congressman
Jerrold Nadler, representative of New York's 8th Congressional District which stretches from the the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Coney Island in Brooklyn, announced $11.8 million in funding for high-priority projects and was expected to pass in the House of Representatives.

Of the $11.8 million, $3,924,000 was allotted for the Atlantic Coast of New York City, Rockaway Inlet to Norton Point Project, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for Coney Island and Sea Gate. The only indication in the press release (which was posted by Room Eight website and brought to our attention by Rubys Host), for Coney Island seems to be erosion prevention.

However, it was also
announced in 2007 that funds were granted, which included: $2.4 million to protect the Coney Island area of Sea Gate from beach erosion. In addition to that, proposed for the same project, includes $8.5 million, which aims to forestall the gradual shrinking of the beachhead that has brought many homes dangerously close to the water.

Could all this money have gone to beach erosion prevention? None of Nadler's good intentions focuses on the dilapidation of the Coney Island boardwalk. President Marty Markowitz, at least is reaching for a
federal hand out to help with the completion of it repairs.

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