Monday, June 15, 2009

Immediate Release: City Planner Burden Beware...The Mermaids Are Coming!

In just a few hours today Monday at Noon the Mermaids Take Manhattan! Finned females are swishing their way to NY City Planning Commission Chair Amanda Burden and other members.

'... in advance of their vote later this week on a flawed rezoning for Coney Island'. states today's press release.
Image courtesy of Polaris Images

As they take a break from next weekend's Mermaid Parade preparations, they will be urging the City Planning Commission to fix their flawed plan that has shrunken Coney Island itself. What Coney Island is, is a place for amusements. And since the city's plan, which started out with a larger acreage for amusements, have diminished it down to a kiddie 9 acres. The plan which had ample approval had since been faced with huge controversy. The city has completely ignored the voices and pleas from amusement advocates at the steps of City Hall last week.

The mermaids may have to arrive topless in order to get a reaction from the city if the press brigade is present. Now, that's Coney Island!

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ConeyRocks said...

First they are fighting Thor, now they are fighting the city??

Who will they fight next? LOL

1 week for the Parkland deadline, then it's clear sailing. That's Coney!