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Small Muscle To Big Bullies In The Coney Amusement Acreage Expand And Shrink Fight

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What seems like the usual small group with small muscle but big mouths who want more amusements in Coney rather than the shrunken area of amusements by the big bully city to diminish them in spite of their statements to be for them, hopefully echoed through the windows of City Hall this Wednesday at the "Don't Shrink Coney" rally.

The city's original plan from about 27 acres to a mere insignificant 9 acres along the boardwalk have angered pro-amusement activists who feel this would kill the Coney Island character that has thrived here for decades. The city claims to be keeping up with that spirit but in reality their plan is still big business. In turn Coney's big developer, Thor Equities, is now saying they saying 'don't even think that we're giving up on Coney...oh but for $165 million we could'. Though not an exact quote the Joe Sitt, president of Thor Equities told the
Daily News this week that the city can't buy from them their property unless the fork that money over. That sum is about 60 million more than the city's 'final offer' weeks ago.

According to the 'rumor mill' which buzzes in the ears of some Coney denizens and advocates. Coney Island blog: Amusing the Zillion indicates the buzz around town is that the City is already in some behind-the-scenes negotiations to buy out Thor. Which is what's given this rally the verve to get out their and make their voices heard before two votes on the plan are scheduled in the coming weeks. “There is a vote next week (
City Planning Commission) and there is another vote in July or August (City Council) and that’s why we’re making our voices heard.”, told Dick Zigun creative director of Coney Island USA to Amusing the Zillion.

For those who couldn't attend the rally [like myslef] could still sign the

Don't Shrink Coney

New York City has a plan to rezone Coney Island. This plan would shrink the amusement area from 62 acres to 12 acres. On June 10, 2009 a demonstration was held on the steps of City Hall to protest this plan.The demonstration was called Don't Shrink Coney.For more information go to

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ConeyRocks said...

State Legislature deadline for Parkland is June 22nd. It's DOA according to comments by Kruger, Savino and Brook Krasney in the press. Step 1

I have complete confidence in Recchia with the Council vote in August. The real Coney neighborhood adores him and supports him fully. Step 2.

The big Coney Change is happening. Thank goodness its moving in the right direction. We should have proper rezoning in August.