Monday, June 01, 2009

Thor Squeezed Out A Coney Flavor To Squeeze In Lemonde

Image courtesy of Capt_Nemo (Coney Island USA message board)

Thor Equities booted off the boardwalk the Lola Staar boutique by not offering her a lease extension for 2009. The trim empty store which probably was a former entrance to one of the baths located there as Elephant Man points out on the Coney Island message board, has a new tenant.

Thor Equities, who claims to have an interest in preserving Coney Island's history sure has done a wonderful job to kick out a long-standing establishment that was full of Coney Island flavor. Now instead you get fresh squeezed juice. At least the new proprietor could offer fabulous pink lemonade in her honor since they didn't bother painting over the pink walls.

Lola Staar could still be found on the boardwalk over at the Childs Building in the Dreamland rollerrink with a new Cafe. Hopefully, her boutique will be back in Coney if the MTA people care a little more and help make the current on-going process happen sooner rather than later.

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