Monday, June 07, 2010

Coney Vid: Todd Berkun At Coney USA's "Ask The Experts"

The wonderful fun and informative event that Coney Island USA had been bringing for years to all Coney lover, fans, and buffs; "Ask The Experts", which this year started Sunday, May 23, 2010 goes until end of the season on August 29th.  May 23rd's presentation had Zoe Beloff, The Life and Work of Albert Grass - founder of the Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society. Also, founder of the Coney Island USA and unofficial mayor of Coney Island, Dick Zigun gave his State of Coney Island Address on May 30th.  This past Sunday, June 6th, Todd Berkun spoke about Long Island and New York City and the their places that are no longer around.  The following video is Todd Berkun speaking at the museum.

Note: The video is a bit inaudible and only ten minutes of the presentation, but worth it for those who missed it.

Ask The Expert: Todd Berkun at the Coney Island Museum 6/5/2010


Todd Berkun speaks on "Long Island and New York City Places That Are No More" at the Coney Island Museum as part of their "Ask the Expert" series. June 5, 2010. Part 1 discusses the development of Roosevelt Field mall among other topics. Talk was inspired by the Facebook group, founder by Mr. Berkun, of the same name.

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Anonymous said...

You spelled Todd's name wrong in the title.

Omar Robau said...

I've corrected it. Thanks for alerting me.