Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mermaids To Auction Off Thor's Buildings To Save Coney's Historic Corridor

Please join the mermaids as they fin up to save Coney Island's historic corridor along Surf Avenue from the the greedy whims of Thor Equities. The developer is acting with total disregard for the oldest buildings that still stand in Coney Island. Once restored to their original style, these four buildings would offer the future of Coney Island a preserved corridor that reflects its rich and unique history.

Thor Equities is planning to demolish them, but they must be stopped. Since the city doesn't care and is doing nothing about it, today, the Save Coney Island group urges everyone to attend this mock "auction" in hopes of finding an enlightened developer who envisions a better future for Coney Island's historic.

WHAT: This Thursday at noon, in anticipation of the Mermaid Parade, Join Save Coney Island for a mock auction to draw attention to Coney Island’s endangered heritage.

WHO: Mermaids are going to auction off some of the historic Coney Island buildings currently threatened with demolition by Thor Equities.

WHEN: Thursday, June 17 at 12 noon.

WHERE: Corner of Stillwell Avenue and Surf Avenue in Coney Island.

WHY: Thor Equities is threatening to demolish four of Coney Island’s most historic buildings, and the city government is letting it happen.

Disappointed by a city government and a developer that don’t realize the tremendous value of Coney Island’s history, Coney Island’s mermaids are taking matters into their own hands. They are going to auction off the endangered buildings in the hope of finding an enlightened developer who envisions a better future for Coney Island’s historic Surf Avenue corridor – a developer who understands the importance of a unique Coney Island that honors its rich past.


ConeyRocks said...

Omar - You guys have zero chance of landmarking those dilapidated buildings in order to stop the hotels. No chance at all. It's over.

Omar Robau said...

There is more of a chance that the building be saved then the high rise hotel going up.

ConeyRocks said...

Incorrect Omar. The city has already allocated $150 million to infrastructure over the next several years for the area, including electrical, sewage and raising the streets for mandatory underground parking for the hotels. New streets as well. The money is already committed and in the budget.

The zoning calls for hotels in the Bank building and Henderson building areas AND the Landmarking of the old buildings and creating an historic designation has already been refused by the commission.

It truly is over Omar. You guys have zero chance of landmarking and stopping the hotels.

Omar Robau said...

That's all a bunch of hoopla. How many times has the city allocated money and done nothing.

When they also demolish a bunch of those housing monstrosities to make room for more amusements, then I'll take your word.

ConeyRocks said...

Fact are facts Omar. The zoning, refusal of landmarking and infrastructure funds are facts.

When the buildings are really demolished THIS YEAR will you still believe they will be saved and no hotels are coming? It's over dude. Facts.

Anonymous said...

Underground parking in a flood zone? All it would take is one strong hurricane to turn that into a nightmare. Why don't they just bury the $150 million in the sand and call it a day?

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