Friday, June 18, 2010

Coney's Boardwalk Biz Operators Being Squeezed Off The Boardwalk Due To Half The Space

Image courtesy of Paul Martinka [New York Post]

The long-running businesses that operate along the boardwalk, and who have been on edge every season change in the last couple of years with uncertainties, are now up on arms by the Parks Department ordering that they keep their stuff off the boardwalk for the Mermaid Day Parade.  That means tables, chairs, signs, concessions, and even trash bins, which have already disappeared, two weeks ago..  The boardwalk is half closed due to mismanagement of the boardwalk's repair procedure.  Places like Cha-Cha's, Ruby's Bar & Grill, and Lola Star Boutique could suffer on the first busiest day of the season.

According to various emails we received, the Parks Department says, the little space available is needed for the parade to go through.  And that Sunday (of at least, after the parade marches on through), they will be allowed to put out everything again. "Lola Star's Boutique & Cha Cha's have it worse - if they can't get stuff out - hardly anyone will be able to get in", said Rubys Host.  She and a few of the business owners have been contacting the Parks Department with no success.
The trash problem alone has already demonstrated what a careless decision this is by the Parks Department.  Trash has been stuffed under the benches and thrown around in corners and on the beach itself.  "We just got voted by Travel & Leisure as one of the top 12 boardwalks in the US - this wont last long if it's full of trash.", wrote Rubys Host.

In the meantime while, they work fast to get the Parks Department to change their minds, a few of the businesses are finding solutions.  Cha Cha's may open their rooftop again this season to compensate for loss of boardwalk space. Ruby's Bar & Grill is putting their beer station inside.

Aside from the business, the mere congestion on the boardwalk this season is expected to be a huge problem.  With the new Luna Park, the baseball games, The parade, and the Ringling Brothers Circus, swarms of people along heeps of trash will not be a pleasant site. 

Rich Calder in The New York Post's Brooklyn Blog writes:
That’s because most of the prime boardwalk space is fenced off for renovations, crushing the summer throngs into one lane of pedestrian traffic in the sweltering heat. And it’s no better on nearby streets, as drivers are fuming over new city-enforced traffic patterns that have left parts of Neptune, Surf and Mermaid avenues routinely resembling a parking lot since the warm weather kicked in.

Brooklyn summer bummer [NY Post's Brooklyn Blog]

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