Sunday, June 13, 2010

Three Newbie Events Kick Off This Season In Coney Island

Joining our fabulous annual events like, the Mermaid Parade, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, The Coney Island Burlesque Beauty Pageant, as wel as the Coney Island Beard & Moustache Competition and the Tattoo & Motorcycle Show, these three new events will surely be a highly welcomed stay for our summer seasons.  They are The Mr. Cyclone Contest, the Miss Luna Mermaid Pageant, and the Coney Island Talent Show.

A first new queen will be crowned and ride the Coney Island float along with her four runner ups.  (sorry, we have posted this info after the deadline for contest has past).  Also, searching for strength, endurance, Coney Island wits, creativity, talent, style and romance to become Coney Island's Mr. Cyclone. And last but not least, a call for drag queen, celebrity impersonators, freaks and geeks of the sideshow, dancers, creative kids, sassy seniors, costume contests, and all the talent galore Coney Island can muster.  And that has no limits!

For much more information regarding prizes and more, visit Amusing the Zillion's post: Casting Call in Coney Island: Talent Show, Mermaid Parade, Pageants!

Entry info and deadline (found via Amusing the Zillion) are as follows:

Searching for Mr. Cyclone Contest, Cyclone Roller Coaster
Entry deadline: June 26. Pageant: Saturday, August 7, 12-3 pm

Miss Luna Mermaid Pageant, Luna Park NYC
Entry Deadline: June 12. Pageant: Wednesday, June 16, 7 pm

Coney Island Talent Show, Thirsty Girl Productions
Entry deadline: July 7. Talent Show: Saturday, July 31, 4-8 pm

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