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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coney Openings: Magic Bowling Is For Kids

Image courtesy of Deborah Matlack

The space of the former B&B Carousel which early this month was beginning its transformation into a new venue is now progressing. Found and photographed by Deborah Matlack and reported by Gowanus Lounge, will be a party space for the bigger kids...and no, not the adults.

Gowanus Lounge posts what the owner said:
"Magic Bowling will be a private party place for older kids, and yes there will be bowling among other activities. But it is not a bowling alley and not for grown ups. He said it would be completed in about a month and welcomed us to stop by and have a look then.”

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posted by Omar Robau @ 2/26/2009 09:20:00 AM 


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