Thursday, March 29, 2007

Get Out Your Marching Colors!

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Save Coney Island Demonstration UPDATE

The true spirit of Coney Island, in all of it's splendor, will rock City Hall !!

Join us on the steps of City Hall in Manhattan as we protest Thor Equities' proposal to build high rise, luxury condos in heart of the Amusement District in Coney Island. Help us to create a grand spectacle to exemplify the true spirit of Coney Island. We will be showing support for the City's position against this rezoning of the Amusement District.

Friday, March 30th, 2007
11:00-11:30 at the fountain in front of City Hall

11:30-12:00 We will parade around the block and onto the steps of City Hall

12:00-1:00 Join us on the steps of City Hall at noon. Please tell the guards that you are attending the "Save Coney Island Demonstration."

Our speakers will include Charlie Denson (author of Coney Island Lost and Found), Richard Eagon (Coney Island Hysterical Society), Louis Scarcella (Coney Island Polar Bears), Dianna Carlin (Lola Staar), Jo Weldon (cultural activist) and other Coney Island scholars and colorful members of the community.

See the spectacle unfold on the steps of City Hall as our list of stunning performers testify to the true spirit of Coney Island. Performers will include the Hungry March Band, the Dazzle Dancers, Tigger, Miss. Coney Island, Angie Pontani will appear as Miss. Cyclone and many other jugglers, clowns, stilt walkers, musicians, dancers, mermaids and much much more!!

1:00 after the demonstration we will parade up Broadway.

This fabulous event will be hosted by some of New York's most colorful burlesque performers and speakers from the community!! In addition saving our beloved Coney Island, it is going to be loads of fun!!

Glitter!! Face Paint!! Costumes!! Aquatic Spectacles!! Mermaids and more!!


We encourage you to express your love of Coney Island in your attire at the demonstration. Feel free to wear a colorful costume, sport your favorite silly hat or crazy sunglasses, bust out those angel wings or mermaid costume, or any other visual expression of the fun and creativity that signifies Coney Island.

Please bring colorful signs that express your love of Coney Island and your hopes for the future redevelopment of Coney Island. You can use a slogan like "No Condos in Coney" or make up your own. The only criteria is that signs cannot be held with a stick or pole. They must be hand held in order to pass security. Get out your markers, glitter and poster paint and have fun!!

You will have to go through security to get onto the City Hall steps. The guards are aware that many people will be wearing costumes. This should not create a problem getting through security and onto the steps of City Hall. This demonstration is totally legal and legit.

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