Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Lightpole Banners Among CIDC Meeting Points

Commemorating anniversaries was the theme among last night's CIDC Coney Island Development Corporation's meeting which was held in the education hall at the New York Aquarium, on the subject of banners for the new and 'last' season of Coney Island. The board unanimously voted on the banners which would be attached to the light poles along the boardwalk and various parts in Coney. The banners call for about $27 thousand dollars for about 70 light poles. The designs that were shown commemorate the anniversaries of The Cylcone, Nathan's Famous, Gargiulo's restaurant, The Mermaid Parade, and The New York Aquarium. The board still has to gain funding approval. One member said, "The banners have always been a great idea. They will be seen all the time. Not like a single event - this is more permanent. Everyone sees it."

Among other issues that were discussed was the idea to keep Stillwell Avenue (behind Nathan's to the boardwalk) active and safe during the season, which is where most of the demolition is taking place. Ideas thrown about were arts and crafts booths, kiosks of food concessions and souvenir stands. Dick Zigun wanted to make sure that careful consideration be taken for the kind of competition it would create for the souvenir shops already in business along Stillwell.

Council member Dominic Recchia mentioned his concerns with creating more jobs for Coney residents under the Doe Fund in regards to street cleaning. Recchia acknowledged that Coney Island has a real problem in keeping up with the garbage after a fully crowded day.

Also, touched on were various marketing efforts including promotional giveaways, the issue of the Steeplechase Plaza and some of the other streetscape improvement points like street furniture.

The meeting adjourned rather quickly. Others present were a few members of the Astella Dev. Corp., Lola Staar's Dianna Carlin, author Charles Denson, and Rapid T. Rabbit's Richard Concepcion. As well as members of the CIDC board and president, Lynn Kelly.

(It was a great pleasure to meet some of these individuals whom I haven't met in person before. Though, unfortunately Mr. Zigun left too quickly.)

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