Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lola Speaking Out Over Gag Order

Dianna Carlin, founder of Lola Staar boutique talks with the Bay News:

“This is my livelihood,” Carlin said. “I just bought my first apartment. And on an emotional level I just knew this was the last summer of Coney Island as we know it. I just couldn't give up that experience.”

Further, Carlin believes that because Thor Equities is far from building anything this year, the demolition of the batting cages and miniature golf course on Stillwell Avenue was premature and did not have to take place as quickly as it has. “Coney Island looks horrific,” Carlin said. “It’s like a war zone. Basically, they’re trying to blacken Coney Island just to strong arm the city to get the rezoning they want.”

Thor Equities eclipses Lola Staar Boutique [Bay News]

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