Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dianna Carlin Chats With Kinetic Carnival

Lola Staar founder Dianna Carlin spoke to Kinetic Carnival a few days ago. As she’s mentioned to a few media sources, her main worry is that Thor is playing hardball with their temporary tenants, the city, and the community. And is convinced Thor will threaten the very existence of Coney as we know it, by destroying and flattening it into a blighted area if they don't get the rezoning they are after.

However, in the end she does think Thor Equities will have to be careful with the city as not to damage their relationship with them for future developments. “Thor has put themselves in a tough spot between the city (who wants to preserve Coney Island’s amusement district) and their selfish plan to make tons of money by building luxury condos on the boardwalk”.

She also explained that in the worst case scenario the city could do something to temporarily aid the area (if there were to be many more vacant lots) by closing the streets to traffic and bringing in portable amusements on to the streets in order to bypass Thor’s empty properties.

She also feels the press is barely touching on the real issues behind Thor Equities and is determined to speak out and do something about it.

And something should be done. A new organization has sprung up called Save Coney Island. They are staging a rally outside of Thor Equities. As of yet there is very little information about them other than an e-mail campaign which they have started sending out to various people in the community and to various blogs.

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