Friday, March 16, 2007

Online Petition To Support City Planner Amanda Burden

Image by Save Coney Island group

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Care2 (non-partisan organization, dedicated to providing you a voice to the world) and sponsored by Sharon Carlaine (activist) on online petition has been set up online.

It reads:
Coney Island has been a substantial part of New York City culture and history since the 1860’s. Now that legacy is being threatened by the real estate company Thor Equities, LLC. The bullying, double-speaking and intimidating of Thor Equities is not unlike the stories of Coney Island from the turn of the last century. This time the amusement park itself is being

The petition to support NY city planner Amanda Burden has a goal of 10,000 signatures, of which only over 320 have been registered. The site has most of the names (those that aren't anonymous) and comments posted by those who signed the petition. It makes a very interesting read on what people feel about this issue.

And be sure to keep checking out the
Save Coney Island MySpace site for more details on the growing opposition to Thor Equities and their plans for development in Coney Island.

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