Friday, June 22, 2007

Astroland Back For '08? Under Certain Conditions, Says Thor

Earlier yesterday the New York Post reported that Astroland will get and extension for another season.

NY Post reported:

Councilman Domenic Recchia Jr. (D-Brooklyn) brokered a deal to keep the rides in business in 2008, sources close to the deal said....

....Albert and Thor will be working out the details of the extension in the
days ahead, including compensation to Thor for allowing Astroland to use the site next year.

However, sources closest to the Alberts, like David Gratt from Coney Island USA and Charles Denson from the Coney Island History Project, have stated that Carol Albert has not been contacted by Thor Equities with any talks on the matter.

On the boardwalk, yesterday, as part of News 12 On The Road at Coney Island, Council member Domenic Recchia , said that he did have talks with Thor Equities and they did say they would work about a plan to keep Astroland open for the '08 season. He also stated that Thor Equities later added further dialogue which indicated that they would extend Astroland for another season only if and when the city changes the zoning to their favor.

Recchia, regardless, promised he will work hard and fight to keep Astroland open at the current location for another season and also help them find another location for the future.

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