Friday, June 08, 2007

Future Of Coney HOOPLA !

Image by Kevin C. Downs Photography (

The Coney Island of Tomorrow [Chris Combs: Life in Frame]
Coney wants one more ride [The Brooklyn Paper]
‘Piering’ into Coney’s future - Put rides out to sea, historian says [NY Daily News]
City Urged to Consider Coney Amusement Pier [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]

Astroland Soap Opera Continues: Nevermind the Rides for Sale [The Gowanus Lounge]
Inflatable water slides and Coney Island - watch out for hypodermic needles! [Metroblogging NYC]
A Coney Island park's final summer [The Boston Globe]
Coney plans get beached [NY Daily News]
Coney Island [gaspode's brain detritus]
Sidewalks of Brooklyn [The NY Sun]
Here's a thought... [Out and Back]
Brooklyn Baseball Game Sideshow [The Coney Island Reporter]
Coney Island Developer Snubbed By Coney Island Development Roundtable [NY Observer]
Dispactches from the Frontlines of the Food Wars [Clean Plate Club NYC]

goodbye my Coney [Lighthorse]
Coney Island Corn [Park Slope Street Photography by Lara Wechsler]
Playland [Frank Lynch -]

Coney Island clip [NCutietta - YouTube]

Featured Video:
"Coney" - Excerpt from Feature-Length Documentary

"Coney" is a feature-length documentary that examines the complexities of gentrification in one of New York City's most historic neighborhoods, Coney Island. One of the goals of the film is to help the developer (Thor Equities), the community, and the city work toward a solution that keeps the true spirit of Coney Island and its historic amusement center alive for a long time to come.
ConeyIslandDoc - YouTube]

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