Friday, June 22, 2007

F Express Train To The Coney Amusements

Image by John Rash Photo (Flicker)

As your conductor on a joyride through the colorful neighborhoods of Brooklyn, one of New York Daily New's blogs focuses, mainly, on the south end of Brooklyn. Edward Glazarev, Daily News reporter takes us on these journeys with his blog: Coney Express. Glazarev, a resident of the Russian Riviera that is Brighton Beach has a passion for Coney Island as well. And as a daily commuter to Manhattan, he strongly supports an initiative to restore an express service of the F Train.

plan of this initiative (or a form of it) which has been around since 2003, inspired the Kensington Blog to write an online petition to have the V line extend into Brooklyn to serve north Brooklyn residents and have the F train become an express, bypassing north Brooklyn stops and continuing down into south Brooklyn to serve those residents.

The F Express would also be a much faster trip down to the amusements in Coney Island as the Coney Express blog points out.

Take the F express [Coney Express]

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Anonymous said...

This is way to difficult for the MTA to figure out. The cavemen could do a better job getting an express train on the F. Geico should change their ads to "So easy an MTA employee can do it."