Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Coney HOOPLA !

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Former Child’s Restaurant Building To Open This Summer [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]
Some Good News From Coney Island: Childs to be Brought Back to Life Soon [The Gowanuse Lounge]
Mr. Sitt Begins His Coney Island Blue Period [The Gowanuse Lounge]
Is Astroland Really Toast: Perhaps. Perhaps Not. [The Gowanuse Lounge]
Coney Island Lives! Astroland, Maybe Not [The Village Voice - Runnin' Scared]
PM Update: Astroland Rumors & Projects on the Block [The Gowanus Lounge]
Summer 2007 update - Easton Coney Weise [Coney Island Shortcakes]
A Different Take on Coney the Same Writer [The Gowanus Lounge]
Battening down the hatches in Coney - CERT squad prepares for hurricane season [Courier Life]
WASPs buzz happily around Coney Island’s best [Courier Life]
Astroland Rides No Longer on Sale? Someone Tell the Vendor [The Gowanus Lounge]
Coney Island’s Summer of Reckoning
[Gotham Gazette]
Coney Island amusement park kicks off final summer [USA Today]
The Habitat of the Human Freak [The Coney Island Reporter]
Sitt Speaks and AP Listens [The Gowanus Lounge]
Sitt Doing Site Prep Work in Coney Island [The Gowanus Lounge]
The Coney Island Experience

Happy News: Now You Can Get Tanked on Coney Island Lager! [The Gowanus Lounge]

Not all's lost: Coney Island gets its own beer [NewYorkology]

American Theme Parks: #1 Coney Island [Mostly Photography]

There's a Winner Every Time III [YouTube - greenherring2]

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