Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nathan's Famous Among AOL's Top Vacation Food Spots

On America Online's favorite eight top vacation spots for great food is Nathan's Famous in Coney Island. The "Summertime and the Eatin’s Easy" article by Samantha Chapnick for America Online's AOL Travel gives a couple of interesting trivia tidbits about Nathan's.

Chapnick writes:
Nathan’s, Coney Island
If the “1 Million Sold” sign existed in 1948, it would’ve been found over the golden sands, not the golden arches. Well before Roy Kroc was eating solid food, Nathan’s was selling fast food hot dogs and Coke to Coney Island visitors. Now that people just need to visit their local mall or airport to taste those crinkle-fries, we’ll use lure you to this original locale using trivia.

• On July 4, 1916 four immigrants decided to settle an argument about who was the most patriotic by seeing who could eat the most hot dogs and thus the annual Hot Dog eating contest was born. PS the Irish Immigrant won.

• Nathan started his stand by borrowing $300 from Eddie Cantor and Jimmy Durante, friends who had worked with him at Feltman’s and urged him to strike out on his own.

• Archie Leach remained close to his good friend with Nathan even after he changed his name to Cary Grant and won a zillion awards.

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