Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dick Zigun Interview

Pat McCabe's A Walk In The Park, which describes itself as 'a video podcast into the worlds of roller coasters and amusement parks'- has conducted an in depth interview with Dick Zigun, the Mayor of Coney Island. In the lengthy interview, Zigun expounds on the history, present, and future of Coney Island. One thing he is quite clear about is that Coney Island USA is sticking around. "The strippers and the freaks are staying. The Mermaid Parade- outrageous as that is- is staying no matter how Starbucks the neighborhood gets."

As usual, Zigun is a delight to listen to. Aside from the informative aspect of the interview, the humor makes it well worth the listen, whether he is referring to Bloomberg and Thors maneuverings as the conflict between the millionaire and the billionaire, or joking about the premature rumors of Coney's demise: "Isn't it just like Coney Island carnies in Brooklyn to get you all excited to come out here last summer cause it was your last chance, and then we lied, we're gonna do it again! […] So come on back, it's the last summer ever, you gotta go in 2008! It's the end! You gotta go!"

Image courtesy of Time Out Magazine

- post by Ben Nadler

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