Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Eagle Continues To Do Right By Coney

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle can always be relied on to cover all aspects of all Coney Island.

Over the past few days, The Eagle has reported on the lives of two different notable (and deceased) Coney natives, the actor Albert Salmi and the writer, Joseph Heller. Though Heller is most famous for the classic novel 'Catch-22,' his last book was the autobiographical 'From Coney Island to Here.' The Eagle's Brad Lockwood convincingly draws the connection that, 'Coney Island and [Heller's] books are equally absurd, comical and satirical.'

On a more current note, Sarah Ryley has continued her ongoing exhaustive coverage of the redevelopment of Coney Island by with an article on this past weekend's
'Save Coney Island' benefit in Park Slope. While Ryley often deals with fairly hard hitting political issues, she took the party as an opportunity to report on the fact that Coney Island Development Corporation President Lynn Kelly is 'no square' and was, "barely recognizable wearing a white shoulder-length page cut wig, red lipstick, a blue sequence dress and matching feather boa."

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- post by Ben Nadler

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