Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mr. Coney Island on the Half Moon Hotel

Last week, the Coney Island History Project's Mr. Coney Island once again provided a fascinating glimpse into a corner of Coney Island history. The corner in question this time is that of the boardwalk and W. 29th St., where the stately Half Moon Hotel once stood.

The hotel was meant to be a vanguard of western boardwalk expansion, but this plan was derailed by the Great Depression.

The hotel served as a naval hospital, the Harbor Hotel, and the Hebrew Home for the Aged, before being demolished in 1996.

For many, the Half Moon is best remembered as the site of Murder Inc. hit man turned snitch Abe "Kid Twist" Reles's 1941 death by defenestration, an incident which led him to be posthumously known as ""the canary who sang, but couldn't fly."

Ask Mr. Coney Island: The Half Moon Hotel [Coney Island History Project]

- post by Ben Nadler


Stephen said...

I lived at the Indian Village where my stepdad, Tom Kennedy, worked as a parking lot manager for this place..I have a picture of me in the parking lot but have never found an actual picture of the Indian Village...????

Stephen said...

anyone have a picture or story of the old Indian Village at,as I recall 36st and Surf Avenue
My step-dad was a manager of the hotel's parking lot which faced Surf Avenue