Friday, September 26, 2008

An Orwellian Coney Island Nightmare

Image courtesy of Elephant Man (CIUSA message board)

To some run-of-the-mill folk this Coney Island image above may be look like progress in Coney Island's ongoing redevelopment saga, but for those eccentric Coney amusement enthusiasts this is straight out of George Orwe'lls version of big city and big developer power control. To give us an emotional feel of the latest redevelopment plan by the city to rezone Coney Island and diminishing the amusement core to a mere nine acres, Dick Zigun sort of proposed Coney fans to work on their own rendering for the purpose. This one above created by Coney Island USA poster Elephant Man does a very good job of that. Other posters, like Swithback's (unofficial rendering of CIDC's plan, below) and egulvision (following), have done their own renditions of the horror Coney Island would look like in resembling every-where-else America.

Image above by Switchback (CIUSA message board)

Image by
egulvision (CIUSA message board)
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