Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Thor Equities Once Again Gives Astroland An Ultimatum

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Thor Equities slaps a high lease price with a two year extension or else...get out! *[This from an anonymous source that says is Thor's intention] It all seems to point out to the obvious fact that they want to take over the Astroland lot and bring back a bigger version of this past season's "Summer Of Hope" for 2009 with more inflatables in between temporary carnival rides and attractions that will come and go. Thor Equities did not answer Kinetic Carnival's various requests for comments *[Thor spokesperson Stefan Friedman told KC, afterward, that he did not receive any requests for comments].

The New York Posts reports:

Longtime operator Carol Albert sent a recent letter to lawyers for the site's landlord, controversial developer Joe Sitt, threatening to shut down the 46-year-old amusement park if she doesn't get a two-year lease extension by Sept. 4 at 1 p.m. at the same rate, sources said.

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"We are extremely disappointed that Carol Albert has decided to give up on the future of Coney Island when her current lease isn't even up for a number of months, said Sitt spokesman Stefan Friedman," adding Astroland would be replaced next summer by new "amusements, games, shopping and entertainment galore."


*NOTE - Correction to this post: This posting did not intend to mean that KC heard of any concrete word of any lease extension. Rather a comment from a source that chose to be anonymous. Therefore, a note was added here for clarification.

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