Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sitt Accuses City Of Smear Tactics

Through a letter from Joe Sitt's lawyer, he accused Coney Island Development Corporation, Lynn Kelly attacking him with a 'campaign of deceit', as reported by the NY Daily News.

"Ms. Kelly's misstatements are both factually incorrect and unhelpful ..." wrote Masyr [Sitt's lawyer] in the Sept. 22 letter, obtained Tuesday by the Daily News.

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Masyr's letter, which was sent Monday, apparently stemmed from a Sept. 8 column Kelly wrote for The News. In the letter, Masyr slammed Kelly for claiming:

That condominiums continue to be a key aspect of Sitt's plan for the area - even though Masyr says housing was scrapped by the developer more than a year ago. Still, plans for huge 900 square-foot hotel rooms - more than twice the size of an average hotel room - have critics worried Thor may be planning time-share apartments.

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