Thursday, September 11, 2008

Read 'Pirates Of Coney' Comic Book Online

The Pirates of Coney Island comic book writter by Rick Spears and illustrated by Vasilis Lolos has this edition fully available online through Image Comics. Full Halloween Paranormal Magazine writes:

Pirates of Coney Island #1Pirates of Coney Island is the natural inheritor of the title “best angry anti-establishment youth comic” from Rick Spears’ previous effort, Teenagers From Mars. Spears brings together a gritty, realistic look at the life of young juvenile delinquents, but he flavors it with heavy doses of crazy characters, outrageous car chases and style that most real young punks probably can’t muster. Spears’ wild ideas have already found a natural mate in the anarchic art of Rob G, but Vasilis Lolos is just as simpatico, with an edgy punk look reminiscent of Becky Cloonan and Amazing Joy Buzzards‘ Dan Hipp and flashy, gorgeous colors that remind me of the work of Supermarket’s Kristian. Pirates of Coney Island is a burst of pure pop entertainment with a darkly compelling and violent mean streak underlying it.

The Pirates of Coney Island #1, Poster and Plot [Full Halloween: Paranormal Magazine]

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