Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Center For An Urban Future's Report On 'Visions" For Coney Island

The Center for an Urban Future issued their first report yesterday entitled "Coney Island Visions". The report asks various questions to individuals from various areas from architects, historians, novelists, developers and amusement industry experts from New York and around the world offer their “vision” for Coney Island’s future.

The report features 23 brief Q&A’s, with Brooklyn author: Jonathan Lethem, video game developer: Eric Zimmerman, architecture critic: Paul Goldberger, Tivoli Gardens CEO: Lars Liebst, and others including Michael Immerso, Charles Denson and Dianna Carlin.

Most of the individuals in their report agree that the uniqueness and character of Coney Island must be maintained. As well as a preference to smaller owners and operators with a majority to be of amusements. As always thought, an express train from Times Square is one mainly needed addition in order to generate the volume of tourists to the area if it were to become a real tourist destination. While only some gave specific ideas like video game developer Eric Zimmerman integrating state of the art related attractions and Dianna (Lola Staar) Carlin bringing her love of musical artists and merging an MTV-brought-to-life ride attraction - most centered on the generalities of what's needed to keep the spirit of Coney Island intact.

More of this report later.
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