Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eye Candy At The 'Coney Island Maybe' Exhibit

Image courtesy of Hazel Hankin (Coney Island Maybe exhibit)

Photographers and visual artists of all types continue be drawn to Coney Island even after 'its world-class attractions slowly give way to an undeniable seediness', reports the New York Times on the visual art and photography exhibit on Coney Island, entitled "Coney Island Maybe".

The New York Times:

These pictures, most of them taken in the past year or so, serve as a reminder that Coney Island continues to exert a powerful hold on the public imagination. It’s easy to imagine that even a century from now, photographers or their 22nd-century equivalents will be peering through their viewfinders, gazing at the sights and saying, “Smile!” — in the hope of capturing the soul of a place that seems never to go out of style.

You can view eight of the images from the exhibit here.

Wish You Were Here [The New York Times]

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