Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's The Big Ideas Here In Coney?

The Municipal Arts Society and Center for an Urban Future "Imagine Coney" public meetings have been taking shape. Yesterday's took place at BAM: The Brooklyn Academy of Music. Some of the novel concepts so far by the public are:

Create a Venice, CA-style Muscle Beach
Brooklyn Nets/Nudie Bar/Gambling

Hologram Facility/Video Wormhole
Dig Hole to China
Reestablish Massive Clock
Outdoor Stage/Indoor Theater for Public Use
New Fanciful Architecture
Best Water Ride Ever
Adult Fun
New Old Rides
National Eating Hall of Fame
Transport Rides
Be in Video Game
Laser Water Show
Interspecies Friendship

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

At this point,we dont need fanciful ideas,we need to stop the city from shrinking the zoning for amusements.
Then,we need to divide the vacant land into many small lots,a few medium size,and 2 or 3 big ones for the mega developers stale ideas.
It is imp0ortant to have as many private landowners and businesses as possible.This increases the chances of a unique idea emerging that will attract crowds (in turn helping out the other businesses.).This use to be America's city design template.For example,remember that it was a small businessman who invented the hot dog,look how much commerce that little idea produced.
There is an old aerial view perspective map of Coney Island from around 1908,this should be our guide to any development in Coney (or anywhere for that matter).Hundreds of entrepenuers and their original ideas.
No corporation or design team should control what the amusements or developements for Coney should be.
All existing buildings and businesses at Coney are gold,their preservation is crucial to Coneys future.
For now,lets work to save what is there,and stop the city's plan of shrinking the amusement zoning,and divide up these lots so the little guy can participate in capitalism,too.The idea of the city government controling Coney's developement wreaks of communism and is an equation for failure.