Saturday, November 15, 2008

Flickr Convoy: Luna Park Living

Image courtesy of Barry Yanowitz / KC Flickr Group

Barry Yanowitz, one of our favorite photographers of Coney Island. This image reminds us of what makes up the Coney Island skyline that cant' be forgotten of the Robert Moses era. An era in Coney Island that crippled it's amusement vibrancy forever.


whatsadis said...

And with the current City plan, to be continued with a wall of tall buildings to the south and west during the Bloomberg error.

Anonymous said...

Coney Island is not crippled,and it is one of the most vibrant places in America.
What is crippling it is the mega corporate and city governments doings.The giant new bathhouses destroyed the view,the new Stillwell station desroyed priceless architecture and old businesses,developers tore down the batting cages,etc.
But what remains is virile and powerful;The Grill House,Ruby's,The Gyro Corner,etc,- all the old buildings and Ma and Pa businesses.These are what have and will keep Coney alive.
Any new mega-developments should be in the parking lot of the stadium,and over that fake-turf soccer field on the boardwalk by the stadium,and all the other vacant lots.
The amusement zoning must be increased,and development lots should be broken up into many small lots,some medium,and three large.
No single entity should be allowed to control Coneys amusements.We need hundreds of developers,not a few giant ones.Remember,it was a small businessman who invented the hot dog,look how much economic stimulous that little idea has made.No giant corporate amusement company/developer will give us anything uniique.
There is an old aerial view perspective map of Coney Island from around 1908,this should be our guide to future developement.